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Chad Long

A literary adventure proposed by Chad Long

For this original book-test, Chad Long proposes you to use your own book. You explain to your audience that you have read this book so much... that the pages are now all separated : no binding for this book.

The pages are shuffled around by the audience. Then a word is chosen under laboratory conditions... and despite this, the magician reveals the chosen word without any difficulty!

The explanation is given in English on a DVD.

Strong points:
- Easy to do, within the reach of the very beginner.
- An outstanding test book, using a very original method for this kind of effect.
- Use your own book, so you are free to develop your own scenario for this exceptional mentalism trick.
- For the revelation, all options are possible: You can "read directly into the viewer's mind" by announcing the word. You can make a drawing that represents the object thought by the spectator; you can (as shown in the video-demonstration below) go through the "case-dictionary" . Everything is open and only limited by your own imagination!


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