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Dominique Duvivier

You enjoyed it during Dominique Duvivier's shows at the Double Fond, either live or on one of his video programs....
You wished to use it for your own performances...
You asked for it at the store...

The Mini D uvivier Wallet is available again... in leather version. !

Card holder format, it looks completely harmless. It is in truth a "wallet for exchange", a "Himber Wallet" in the purest tradition, but with this revolutionary "Duvivier plus" that changes everything... and that will allow you to give your accessory to the exam.

Nine routines (yes, you read that right, 9 routines!) are explained in detail on the DVD attached to the material: original routines by Dominique Duvivier , Alexandra Duvivier ( See "Plan d'Epargne" by clicking ) and Quoc Tien Tran ; great classics revisited and brought up to date, associated with the use of this marvellous wallet ; lots of tips and tricks that will allow you to develop your own applications. !

This accessory will be necessary for you whatever your technical level, whether you are a beginner or an experienced card magician. !
Don't hesitate to get this indispensable tool !

What they think :
For those who would have missed this object, don't make the same mistake twice! ( laughing ) : pleasant to handle, harmless, impeccably made ( of course ), and allowing you to go even further in your favorite routines : what are you waiting for ? ?
Florian Chapron

Product received today. Excellent quality. This is what comes to mind when our 10 little fingers come in contact with the thing. I own what can now be called "the old model" and despite the good quality of this old version, it is clear that the leather version surpasses everything. Very pleasant to handle, very "light", it's only happiness...And plexi is just excellent to give a theme to our effects. Very great idea allowing to go in many different directions. For only 70 ?, go head down on this pure quality product. We can see that Dominique's primary concern is quality, finish, presentation and that, yes, I appreciate that very much!!! We don't make fun of the customer! The DVD accompanying the wallet is very complete. It gives some ideas about the multiple possibilities of the object (in fact "infinite would be the right thermal!). Some nice effects, including an even more killeuse version of "Faster Than Its Shadow". Dominique will always surprise me in his relentless will to go further and further. Great work, in every way. Thank you Dominique for what you offer us. The magical world needs people like YOU! With all my respect and magical friendships,
Anthony, de Nancy.

Mentalist (by Quoc Tien Tran)

his mentalist routine on the mini Duvivier Wallet DVD is really excellent! Congratulations for this find with a very original script!Indeed, I say it again, your "mentalist" effect is really very well found. The ideas are great and the use of the elastics of shapes with the ESP cards is a great find! The whole on the theme of the series, it fits perfectly! A great bravo, it's very original!And the mini Duvivier Wallet allows, thanks to the Plexiglas, to start on really varied themes. You just have to insert a photo inside, and hop... we leave on a scenario and great ideas! (...)This mini Duvivier Wallet leather edition is a marvel of quality and so infinite possibilities when you rack your brains! Excellent !

Anthony, de Nancy.

Rorschach (de Quoc Tien Tran)

And the rubber band trick, just excellent ! you had to think about it ! I love it :)

"Rorschah" is also well designed. I did not know this gentleman and in addition to being, once again, very original, you cultivated me :) nice final with the appearance of the chosen card in the pattern. It is very strong !
Anthony, de Nancy.

Received today and really not disappointed ... thank you for this beautiful tool (not expensive for what it is ... and as the routines of the dvd are killeuses, well I'm delighted to be at ravi !

Yes me in the few tricks that I own my favorites are the print shop

the signature deck

and storm under a skull

Then I have the Duvivier wallet which are great.

the three dvd boxes I have (intimate 1 and 2 and melting pot) are really an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

I always take great pleasure in watching them again and again.

Even if I love gimmicks I find that Duvivier's effects allow me to do beautiful things without really feeling like a gimmick in my hands.

I don't consider Duvivier products as a gimmick..


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