Fourteen fake tokens that allow you to create an infinite number of miracles...

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The most iconic card game ever created.


The most iconic card game ever created.


A convincing alternative to our fake thumb.


The "special" cards for the most iconic card game ever created.

Present and store your Jerry's Nugget games in the famous brand's boxes!
To store your towers of small packages.

A "classy" leather card holder to take out your little tricks!


Un grand classique de la magie de scène. toujours à la pointe de l'actualité ! !!


Easy to make, extremely visual, this great classic of Magic will bring a note of poetry and mystery to your...


Ce célèbre tour si intrigant est toujours très apprécié du public.

Magnificent close-up bag to carry your equipment elegantly.
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Create fireballs at your fingertips!

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A questor for a completely harmless look!


This versatile wallet is a real "Swiss Army knife"!