A questor for a completely harmless look!


An extraordinary prediction with the help of a photo; make one or more spectators live a surreal experience.


"Impossible" is what your audience will say. 

"Unbelievable" is what YOU will say.


Discover or rediscover the fabulous possibilities of the rosary through numerous effects. A complete overview.


Amaze your audience during your virtual shows.

Turn your video calls into an unforgettable magical experience !!


The magic that most impresses the spirits is the one that takes place in the hands of the spectators. The more the magician involves his audience, the more powerful his...


Don't pass for a Charlot with this prediction... of Modern Times!


Create fireballs at your fingertips!


How to solve a Rubik's Cube... in different dimensions!


A trick to taste... without moderation!


The can of crushed Coca Cola returns intact in an instant!


A signed card ends up in an impossible place!


A miracle that will deceive even your most intelligent spectators. 


A revolutionary close-up accessory to exchange various objects


Go back in time with your card game!


You will provoke mass hysteria among your audience with this Matrix of madness!


A complete collection of special art cards designed to fit into your normal Bicycle game.

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Discover the close-up version of the Mental Dice !

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Le plus beau tour de Magie Mentale "électronique" ! ...

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