The REALLY Perfect Poker demonstration by Dominique Duvivier


Dominique has combined the best qualities of the «Nudist Deck» («Mental Photography») with the power of a «Brainwave Deck».
Kevin James


Abonnement 1 an DOUBLE FOND TV « Je suis apprenti.e » : 99.90 € (bon cadeau valable 1 an)


A signed card is placed in another envelope and placed on the table in full view of the audience.

A method like no other!


Découvrez ou redécouvrez les fabuleuses possibilités du chapelet à travers de nombreux effets. Un tour d'horizon complet.

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Le plus beau tour de Magie Mentale "électronique" ! ...


This versatile wallet is a real "Swiss Army knife"! 


Amaze your audience during your virtual shows.

Turn your video calls into an unforgettable magical experience !!


"Impossible" is what your audience will say. 

"Unbelievable" is what YOU will say.


An extraordinary prediction with the help of a photo; make one or more spectators live a surreal experience.

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A questor for a completely harmless look!

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