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The effect:
The Magician takes the salt shaker from the table and removes the lid. He then pours the contents of the salt shaker into his left fist.
A few magic tricks... and the left hand is shown empty: the salt is gone!

A moment later, the Magician makes the salt from his right fist reappear, salt that is poured back into the salt shaker!

Both hands are immediately shown empty!

Thanks to this gimmick, you can present this miracle at any time!

In May 1949, Jacob Daley published his own version of the famous disappearing and reappearing salt trick.

The original effect was invented by Henry Gordien in the 30's, and was described in John Northern Hilliard's mythical book, "Greater Magic" (translated into French by Payot in 2 volumes, "La Prestidigitation du XXème Siècle", Tome 1 "Tours de Cartes Modernes", and Tome 2 "Tours Divers").

Since then, great magicians have been working on this trick, such as Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon, Paul Fox, Nate Leipzig, Ross Bertram, Roy Benson and Fred Kaps... and have developed personal presentations and gimmicks to achieve this effect.

Dr. Jacob Daley created a specific gimmick that makes "flying" easier to perform, and almost impossible to detect!

Attention: The instructions are provided in English.


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