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True will change the way you practice mentalism!


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True is an advanced electronic detection system.
It combines NFC detection with long-range reception technology.

Just imagine...
You show your audience a nice wooden box, and you take out 4 objects: a ring, a key ring, a button and a casino chip.
Ask your audience to think of one of these objects. Then you turn around and let your audience put one of these objects in the box.
Without a glance, you immediately know what it is! 100% mind reading!
And the process can be repeated over and over again, until your audience is convinced that you possess real mental powers!

You can also give your spectator 6 different coloured tokens. He places them in a small bag and then takes one out and places it in his hand.
You immediately know what colour and value the chosen token is, and you also know which hand is holding the token!

The following are provided:
- A custom-made wooden box with hidden secret compartments,
- Sensors,
- Receivers,
- 6 tokens of different colours,
- Ring,
- Keychain,
- Button,
- Map,
- Carry bag,
- Arm band,
- Charging cable,
- Instructions in English by Internet link.

There are no visual cues.
You can use True anywhere, anytime, without the help of a wizard.
Pure mentalism that everyone will love!
True will change the way you practice mentalism!

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