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Ali Nouira
Based on Marc Salem's B.O.A.D. principle.

One of the greatest secrets of Mentalism!

You will be able to know instantly what your spectator will have written on a blank business card... while this card is face down, and covered by his hand, or several hands, or a book!...

The perfect equipment.
The perfect presentation.
The perfect secret.
The perfect trick!

You don't need to touch or even see the business card... and you know exactly what the viewer has written or drawn!

You can even have your back turned while the spectator is writing the secret word, and cover it with his hands (or anything he wants to use to cover the word: his smartphone, a book, a handbag...).
You can even ask someone to cover your eyes with their hands while the spectator writes on the card.
You can even be in a different room while you give them instructions over the phone.
Even so, when you return to the room, you can discover the secret word or drawing!

Steam 2.0 comes with all the necessary hardware, and several different routines (Fast draft steam, Steamed red herring, Photo Steam, Invisible steam, The steam of silver).

Very easy to do. Steam 2.0 is completely automatic.
No carbon copy.
No electronics.
No fake pens.
No mirrors.
Blank business cards remain completely blank on the side not written by the viewer.
You can't see anything through the back of the card.
You never have to look at the business card written by the spectator.
Your back is turned, or you are not in the same room when the spectator writes and covers the business card.
Reset in 5 seconds!
Everything is "self-contained".
Nothing to load, exchange or get rid of.

We provide you with everything you need to do the trick a hundred times.
The explanation is provided by a video tutorial in English (video link).


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