An AMAZING sequel to your invisible gaming routine!

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David Penn

An AMAZING sequel to your invisible game routine!

The "52 Cards in One" card has always been a gag, but David Penn has turned it into a miracle!
A miracle that happens in the hands of your spectators.

Under laboratory conditions, a card is placed in your spectator's hand.
He is asked to name ANY card.
You explain that if the freely named card is on the other side of the card in their hand, then they must offer you a drink. They take that bet!

When they turn the card over and discover the "52 cards on one", it's a gag that will make your audience laugh.
The "52 cards on one" is then placed either face up or face down on the spectator's hand.

Under impossible conditions, the card they freely named is returned, not in the deck, but IN THE PICTURE of the card they held the whole time!

Never have you ever had so many free drinks as a result of a bet!

Online instructions in English.

What they think about it:

"Invisible play has always been one of the most powerful effects for a magician and it is about to be even more so with this!
Patrick Kun

"The "52 cards on one" card, updated by David's magic! Very cool! 52 inches in the air!"
Angelo Carbon


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