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Directly from the United States, one of its largest distributors offers you: a of the most fantastic effects of the last few years.

See for yourself: A card, insulated inside a case in transparent plastic, changes at sight into another one!

The map metamorphosed is taken out of the case and given to the exam.
The case is good sure shown empty before and after the experiment!

It's up to you to customize this beautiful tower. For example, you can have a free choice of a card, the sign his face, and once you're lost in the game you show another one. card which, although insulated inside the case, is always in full view, turns at sight into the chosen card (+ signature LA) ! !!

You can of course make a map appear in the case, or make it disappear, or turn it into something else. thing: a folded banknote, your business card. that of course, you take out of the case and give it to the viewer to examine. or for him to keep it (the business card, not the banknote !)

It's crazy and it's easy to do...

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