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Visually transform a card into a tea bag!


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The French Twins

Visually transform a card into a tea bag!

The effect is simple and very visual:
A chosen card can be transformed into a tea bag in the blink of an eye.
The magician then opens the tea bag. The spectators discover, folded inside, their chosen card attached to the end of the wire!

You will be able to make appear inside this tea bag, completely sealed and examinable, a thought card or any object attached to the end of the wire (card, ring, capsule, signed card, note, prediction...)!

Make your audience's dream come true at Instant T!

Instant T is a diabolically ingenious gimmick whose design required long months of work by brothers Tony and Jordan to achieve the maximum simplification of the gimmick while reinforcing both its solidity and its incredible visuals.

The routines are varied. You will learn a total of 10 routines using Instant T, the new creation of the French Twins.

You will receive a box of tea containing:
- 40 Tea bags.
- 1 Gimmick.
- The video link shot especially for this trick.

- Very resistant gimmick.
- Reset in 2 seconds.
- That's easy to do. - Ultra visual.
- Unexpected.

Limited number of copies: "First come, first served".


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