Visually transform a card into a tea bag!


"The simplest things are often the most complex to set up, MAGIC MONEY, although very simple, will be a real mystery to your audience".


You will provoke mass hysteria among your audience with this Matrix of madness!


A trick to taste... without moderation!


Tous les magiciens le savent, si vous voulez attirer l'attention de votre public... UTILISEZ DU FEU !


Le Matrix le plus incroyable jamais conçu !


And they say that gluttony is an ugly blemish...


Fourteen fake tokens that allow you to create an infinite number of miracles...


The version of the "Cigarette à Travers la Carte", Sharpie version!


Make a playing card appear, disappear or even turn it into a playing card!


Beam a signed object into the badge the spectator has been wearing around his neck all along!


A revolutionary progressive map color change at sight!


This is the most incredible version of the Ceiling Card!


A hallucinating effect, very phoney... or not!


Just like you, your spectators will be totally amazed. You put away your cards saying that sometimes magic...


As in a ballet, the two pins unite and disunite, always and without stopping,...

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