This is the most incredible version of the Ceiling Card!

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David Stone.

This is the most incredible version of the Ceiling Card!

David Stone returns in force with a gimmick considered by the greatest close-up men as revolutionary.

Created by David Stone and JB Dumas, ZENith gives you the opportunity to present the most incredible version of the Card to the Ceiling: After having a card that you lose in the game chosen and signed, you put all the cards in the case, you can even really wrap the box with an elastic band, and yet the signed card will appear stuck to the ceiling after projecting the whole game onto it!

The main trick of this DVD is therefore this new method to make the Card to the Ceiling which makes the effect more magical, even more incomprehensible (how does the card come out of the box?) but above all which ensures that you don't risk the accident, namely that all the cards come off the rubber band and fall on the floor... as it happens too often!

BUT that's not all!
Because ZENith is not only a trick, but above all a concept, a new principle!

You will learn more than 18 different routines using this new concept!
To sum up, ZENith allows you to openly retrieve one or even two cards signed in a totally invisible way in front of the public to find them where your imagination suggests without any complicated manipulation...
You will therefore discover particularly visual and original routines such as : The Card in the Ball, the Card in the Pocket (without impaling), the Card on the Wall, the Card with the Mouth, the Card with the Knife, the Card with the Watch or Smartphone, the Coin in the Glass... many different applications all different!

A diabolically ingenious gimmick whose design required long months of work by JB Dumas and David Stone to simplify the gimmick as much as possible while at the same time reinforcing its solidity and its infinite possibilities of use.

We provide you with:

- A DVD with 18 routines. 5 dedicated to the Ceiling Card and 13 completely different ones,
- 1 gimmick already mounted on a Bicycle card,
- 2 more gimmicks to install on your favorite cards,
- A gift card with a secret online link to watch 3 additional videos of tricks, techniques and bonuses, for an extra 1h30 of magic!

What they think:
"First ZENith bluffed me. Then the method made me hallucinate. Finally its potential inspired me"
Michael Ammar

"A gimmick that's only limited by your imagination"
Doug McKenzie.

"This gimmick is so awesome. It really takes us to another level "
Etienne Pradier


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