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A great magic classic with a Blue Bicycle card game!

Thanks to the explanatory note provided, you can break down this mythical basic principle into four very easily achievable rounds:

1. Find a card freely chosen by a spectator in a completely impossible way, even though the spectator has shuffled the deck before and after his choice. 2.

2. After the spectator has shuffled the cards carefully, separate the deck into 2 decks. In the blink of an eye and with the help of your favourite magic formula, you have sorted all the red cards on one side, and all the black cards on the other!

3. Ask the spectator which card value he prefers. Let's assume he chooses the 5's. Despite his careful shuffling, find the selected square in a fraction of a second, in this case all four 5's!

4. and finally, without any manipulation, you can turn any card into the card chosen by the audience.

Strong points:
- Perfectly cut cards because they are made in the factory (symmetrical bevel).
- Perfectly rounded corners - available in red and blue backs
- Bicycle Quality

To buy the book Les Cartes Biseautées par Odin, or a deck of Beveled Cards Red click on the Related Product corresponding below.

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