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Dominique Duvivier's famous trick "Les Cartes à la Poche", offers you the ultimate transposition: The cards are signed, no impaling, no duplicate cards. ! !!

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The Magic of Dominique Duvivier... in all transparency !

Dominique Duvivier's famous trick "Les Cartes à la Poche", offers you the ultimate transposition: The cards are signed, no impaling, no duplicate cards. ! !!
The "Transparent Jacket" brings this type of effect to an unparalleled level. !
Bonus: a simplified version of this magnificent trick.

We also propose you routines with different predictions, rope, and a lot of ideas for the close up as well as for the stage. .

The tricks and ideas are proposed by Dominique and Alexandra Duvivier, but also Paul Gertner , Gaëtan Bloom and Quoc Tien Tran. .
Each of you will find something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced magician. !

You will be able to create by yourselves your own effects, so much this accessory is rich in possibilities. .

The "Transparent Jacket" comes with a DVD of explanations (in French and English)..

What they think :

Dominique is a master of subtlety and psychology. His mind allows him to see things from a different perspective, that inner sense so particular that we find in the design of the "Transparent Jacket".
Dominique proves once again that to reach perfection, the solution is not to always add extra layers, but rather to "remove" them, which he did with the "Transparent Jacket". 
Joe Stevens - L'emporium magique de Stevens

One of my greatest memories is witnessing Tony Slydini's performance in our own parlour; he worked miracles right under my nose, he devastated my friends, he completely delighted them, as I did myself. I can't help but think how much the "Transparent Jacket" would have been a good fit in this context. !
(...) Why is this a great trick ?
The basic effect is already just devastating, but the addition of the transparent jacket pushes the limit even further - because the cards are always in full view..
Dominique and his talented colleagues Alexandra Duvivier, Gaëtan Bloom, Paul Gertner and Quoc Tien Tran have created effects accessible to all of us, whatever our technical level. !
(...) " I can't go any slower...", wasn't that one of René Lavand's most famous lines? This effect, the "Transparent Jacket", makes me think furiously of this famous formula !
(...) The famous Dominique Duvivier offers you the ultimate transposition: The cards are signed, no impaling, no duplicate cards, all the cards are always in full view! The "Transparent Jacket" makes Dominique's trick even more stunning !
Bonus: "Open Prediction" by Quoc Tien Tran. This complete issue using The Transparent Jacket is exceptionally well thought out. It's a great lesson that shows us how to maximize magical material..
Mark Stevens - L'emporium magique de Stevens

Another devastating idea... I'm buying !

(...) The jacket is made of transparent fabric (as you can see on the teaser).).
It has a standard size and will fit, I think, for 80% of people..
But, if you measure more than 1,90 cm and more than 100 Kg, you will have to think about adapting this...
The finish is good; even though the fabric is light and transparent, the pockets are well sewn and the seams are perfect..
(...) You will find a total of 6 routines (3 presented by Dominique, 2 by Quoc Tien, and the last one by Alexandra).
Gaëtan Bloom also offers you some nice possible ideas, especially to motivate the effect. That said, for the most part, he doesn't really use the jacket but rather the transparent material..
Paul Gertner also presents a rather devastating idea with the use of this jacket, with a few additional tinkering touches..
Dominique Duvivier presents 3 routines including his famous trick of the "Card in the pocket" which is all the more reinforced by the use of this jacket in the eyes of novice spectators..
The 2nd and 3rd routines " Prediction on the move " (2 versions) are 2 prediction routines with the cards visible from the start in the pockets. Two routines more orientated, in my opinion, for magicians..
Quoc Tien presents 2 routines that provide great ideas for the use of this jacket :
Firstly, thanks to the transparent pockets, it completely revisits "Open Prediction". I liked it very much, but I can't tell you more, for fear of spoiling the effect..
Secondly, he presents the "blind man" routine, which is superb in its staging; it is quite unusual and reminds us of Tommy Wonder's famous routine..
Alexandra presents "Prédiction vivante" by Dominique Duvivier: very easy, super mega efficient and very well thought out. Alexandra manages to baffling not only the audience but also the magicians..
A real treat! This routine takes up the idea of the jacket because you'll end up with blank cards....
(...) Much more than an easy transparent jacket, in my opinion, this is a real concept and, above all, a completely playful and unusual product..
From the very beginning, seeing this article, I had some ideas for presentation and use.
(...) It allows you to present your card routine in your pocket. In addition, hundreds of other possibilities can also be found with a bit of imagination..
(...) This jacket is an unusual object and I think it is a tool capable of amusing, even lightening our show. I find it very interesting because people want to have a good time when they watch us perform, they want to have fun and they will quickly find something to wear considering my outjog outfit..
(...) I have just tested this product in real conditions, during a close up show.,
I found the motivation to take out this jacket to present my card pocket routine and I can tell you that after my show a lot of spectators told me about this number..
Moreover, being very compact, I was able to take it out of a small trunk that also contained the deck of cards..
(...) This jacket is certainly an original product that allows a lot of things; not only at the card magic level, but also in children's shows for example, it allows to bring additives to your routines....
The fact that it is light allows it to be stored in a small box or in a jacket pocket..
The DVD gives some nice routines and a lot of possible presentation ideas.
carl valentin

Seen live at Double Fond the routine of "cards in the pocket" with this absolutely brilliant concept that totally changes the dimension of the effect. The idea of the transparent jacket is superb and gives a plus to the effects being done with pockets. psychologically it marks !
Pleasant surprise to see that this concept is accessible to all now, and, moreover, with lots of different effects and ideas..
Dominique will always surprise me :-)
Magical friendships,
Anthony, de Nancy

I'm getting a kick out of it !
I would like to know more about it.
Looking forward to December 1st.

Isa Girodit

Great idea bravo


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