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If "Printing" is both BEST-SELLER and LONG-SELLER, it's because it's one of the best selling magic tricks in the world since its creation in 1974!


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Dominique Duvivier

Best-Seller AND Long-Seller

Gérard Klein has been a Science-Fiction book collection director for more than 40 years.
He defines "Best-Sellers" as a work of mass sales at the time of release (and often quickly forgotten).
A "Long-Seller" is a book that may not have been (but may be) successful at the time of its release, but over time it becomes one of the biggest sellers of all time.

If "Printing" is both BEST-SELLER and LONG-SELLER, it's because it's one of the best selling magic tricks in the world since its creation in 1974!

This trick has revolutionized the approach to small packet tricks. When you present this trick, you will have the sensation of showing a Great Illusion just inches from the eyes of your audience!

The effect is devastating :
You show your audience the four blue-backed Tens (Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds) as well as four white cards, also blue-backed.
You put a white card in contact with a 10, and it prints in a 10 perfectly identical to its model!
From that moment on, a succession of effects will follow: one card will take the color of your carpet, another will lose its blue back, a third will have a 10 printed on both sides, and so on...
You will magically print all the cards in a totally whimsical and surreal way.
Must have !

Strong Points :

Very easy to do!
Cards specially printed by USPC in Bicycle Rider back.
- Everything is left to the exam at the end !!!
- Guaranteed effect on the public! !!

- Explanation provided on DVD (in french and english).
- A trick with twists and turns, with stronger and stronger visual effects.
- Two versions explained in detail (very easy or advanced) .
- In this ultimate version, you no longer need the case!

Let the autor speak :
"From a magical point of view, this trick has its roots in Peter Kane's "The Crazy Card". How did I go from this great classic to "L'imprimerie"? One of my passions besides magic has always been music. One night, while listening to "A Day in the Life" with headphones on, I said to myself: if the Beatles were not musicians, but magicians, what trick would they have invented for this piece? That's how I created "L'imprimerie".
I later learned that when the Beatles wrote this song, they were under the influence of LSD (which was never the case for me, I must say). So it's incredible that we find this psychedelic aspect in this trick so colorful!

I described this trick in my book " Cartomagie Année 2006 " in 1976, and in the VHS cassette " Cartomagie Année 2006 " in 1992.
I marketed it first as Atlantis cards in 1988, then as Bicycle cards in 2006.

The original version is the method with manipulation. But already at the time, I believed so much in the feat that I wanted this trick to be within the reach of both the beginner magician and the accomplished expert in the handling of cards. That's why, in the same time, I developed the simplified version, which allows the very beginner to have access to the trick. »

The original version of the trick allows the accomplished expert in the handling of cards to perform the trick to its fullest.
(You can see the demo below).

The simplified version of the trick puts this suite of effects within the reach of both the novice magician and the accomplished expert.

In this ultimate version, you don't need the case anymore... because with the last card, you "take a picture" of all the other cards!

What they think :

This is real magic.
Gaëtan Bloom

Absolutely diabolical.
Bob Kohler

You will be baffled.
Michael Weber

Dominique Duvivier's routine "L'Imprimerie" is one of the best card tricks I know. It is one of the two tricks I always carry in my wallet. It is always with me. I do it every time I go out, at least two or three times a day. I never leave home without it. It's the best version of "Crazy Card" that exists. One of the most amazing tricks there is. I encourage you to try Dominique Duvivier's "L'imprimerie"!
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful card tricks of the last 50 years.
Joshua Jay

"Printing" becomes "portable" in the sense that it now fits in a wallet! And the idea of photographing the cards is very good and very current. Nowadays a phone takes pictures... why not a card? Very good final that "impresses". Pure Dominique Duvivier as I like it! Thank you for all these wonders.
Anthony Soudier

to the question: "What's your best packet trick" :
For me it's printing! For the impact it has on the public
Saut de table

Ingenious concept: all the special (gaffed?) cards are examinable at the end.
And that's rare for small packet.

This is my all-time favorite trick! I fully recommend this effect for those looking for a good little packet trick. I've been doing this trick for 5 years now!
Jeremy Moncrief

"Printing" is a great effect that can be done anywhere, if you have a table or a place to put the cards. It's a great trick for beginners who would like to do a visual trick.
Wayne N. Kawamoto

It's really FANTASTIC. I really love this stuff for several reasons:
1) Easy to do: This effect does not take long to do once you have memorized the order of the cards.
2) Well explained: This effect is superbly explained in both English and French.
3) Quality: The material provided is of high quality.
4) Powerful: The effect is SUPER powerful. Being able to print ANYTHING on a card really pushes the limits of reality, you go from 2D to 3D with delight!
5) Cheap: The trick costs less than 20 euros, and for an EXTREMELY STRONG, ULTRA PRACTICAL effect, it's a FANTASTIC affair.
I LOVE this trick
I highly recommend it.
Chris Beason (Atlanta, Géorgie, États-Unis

Yes me in the few tricks that I own my favorites are the print shop
the signature deck
and storm under a skull
Then I have the Duvivier portfolio which are great.
the three dvd boxes I have (intimate 1 and 2 and melting pot) are really an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
I always take great pleasure in watching them over and over again.
Even if I love gimmicks I find that Duvivier's effects allow me to do beautiful things without really feeling like a gimmick in my hands.
I do not consider Duvivier's products as gimmicks.


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