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A colourful entrance thanks to Henry Evans!

How do you capture the attention of your audience quickly, in a way that is effective enough to keep them watching you from the beginning to the end of your performance? This is an important question. Tricky answer. Don't look any further, we've found it for you.

You arrive in front of your audience, a deck of blue cards in your hand, locked in its cardboard case.
"These days, the public loves tricks that go fast. Besides, often we magicians, when we work from table to table, have to move fast so we can see everyone and not frustrate anyone. So I suggest you save time on details like getting the game out of the box.
"With a snap of your fingers, your game is instantly out of its case! Immediately, you fan the cards face up. Incredibly, the case has completely vanished. All of this on sight and in a fraction of a second.

"Admit it saves time. »
Amused, you look at your audience:
"Perhaps you would have preferred a red game? Here again, we can save time, it's one of the principles of magic.
" The coup de grâce, you spread the blue-backed cards on the table and they turn into red-backed cards, all on sight!
Incredibly magical!

You can then proceed to the routine of your choice. No matter what happens, your audience will be listening!

- Fully automatic.
- Your audience will never take their eyes off you.
- Flash trick but very well thought out.
- Very magical, can be done anywhere.

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