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David Stone

TOOL is much more than a gimmick: it is a real TOOL that will allow you to present more than a dozen different routines, each one easier than the other!

11 professional, audience-tested routines that have made David Stone's reputation in close-up!
- Change the colour of the back of the cards at sight and without any manipulation,
- Reconstruct a SIGNED and torn map in a fraction of a second,
- Make your business card or credit card appear in full view,
- Have your spectators shuffle the cards and immediately produce the 4 aces,
- Propose the illusion of "La Malle des Indes" in close-up with maps,
- To present a version of "La Carte au Couteau" totally incomprehensible,
- Make a signed card reappear inside a case left on the table,
- To transform a coin into a banknote on sight,
- Touch 4 cards: they indicate the year of birth of a spectator,
- Instantly turn over all the cards in a deck... except the one you choose,
- Make cards disappear from your hands without taking your eyes off them.

You receive a DVD with 11 routines + 2 Red AND Blue reinforced Bicycle cases.
The cases have been specially created for TOOL, they are stronger than normal cases with 2 mm more width to allow you to include the gimmick and two extra cards in your deck.

- Easy to do! All the routines are totally different.
- Immediately redoable, the reset is ultra fast.
- No impaling or complicated technique.
- The boxes are EXAMINABLE and the GIMMICKS designed for intensive use.

- An ambitious card final where the signed card appears on top of the deck.
- An appearance of the 4 as ultra easy to achieve.
- Make a chosen card disappear on sight!
- Change the visual of a credit card into a banknote.
- Print a borrowed banknote on the back of a signed card on sight.


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