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One of the most astonishing stage revelations ever !

A member of the audience possesses information that no one else but himself is supposed to know (except maybe you, but secretly, then !) : it can be a playing card, a number (the result of an addition?...), a name of a famous character (or not), a city, an animal, in short anything that fits well in the trick you are doing.

We offer you an original method to reveal this information to the public in a mysterious and confusing way!

Suppose to illustrate the thing that the spectator has chosen a card, for example the 7 of Diamonds.
The magician shows a simple sheet of newspaper, which he holds open in front of him. He places the glowing end of his cigarette against the sheet in several places.

The paper starts to burn very slowly, tracing the name of the chosen card on the newspaper!

Mysterious and disturbing.

If you wish to give a spiritual connotation to your magic session, this method is the ideal revelation to "receive a message from beyond"! !!

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