Invisible Jumbo Game


The turn of the Invisible Game, but with giant cards!


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The "Invisible Game" trick, but with giant cards!

- An invisible deck of cards becomes visible; but one card is turned over in the game... and it is the card freely chosen beforehand by a spectator!
- Ask a spectator to call one of his friends to give him the name of a card. This is the only card that has been turned over in your deck before the phone call has even been made!
- ... And many more uses!

The video below shows one of the possible presentations; it uses a normal size game (Poker size). The same can of course be done with the giant game.


- Incomprehensible.
- Can be repeated as many times as desired.
- Easy to do.
- No comrade.
- Bicycle Rider Card Return.
- One of the greatest close-up classics you can now do on stage!


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