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Tenyo 2017

With these ESP cards, you'll be able to perform a perfect Second View number while you're away from the table!

Many other effects are possible, such as reading people's minds, or predicting the future with the cards used to test Extra Sensory Perception using these five symbols.

Once you have learned the secret of these specific ESP cards, you will be able to perform SIX different tricks:
1- X-Ray Vision
2- ESP Symbol Prediction
3- Divination of a chosen symbol by telepathy
4- ESP Swindle (see video demo below)
5- ESP Psychic (see video demo below)
6- ESP Telekinetics

The 25 ESP cards supplied have a secret feature that will allow you to perform miracles from a distance from the cards!

In addition to these unique cards, tricks are described using special cards, which are also included.

Highlights :
- That's easy to do.
- Within the reach of the beginner.
- You will have the reputation of being a true Mentalist!
- Explanations in French of the basic principle.
- Routines and additional information are provided
with a web link that will allow you to download the explanation in English. This link, as well as the illustrations, can be found on the Japanese explanation that comes with the tour.


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