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You predicted the map freely thought by the spectator!


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Mickael Chatelain

All you're going to read is really what you're going to be able to do with this game!

Present a card game case, surrounded by an elastic band with a folded post-it underneath.
You explain that this is a prediction.

You open the case and take out the deck of cards.
You then show it from both sides to prove that it is a completely normal game.
You then lay the cards face up on the table, so that the audience can make sure that it contains 52 different cards.
A spectator is invited to freely choose a card.
To avoid suspicion of cheating, you take this card out of the deck and place it face up on the table.

You then remove the rubber band from the case and unfold the paper: on it is written the name of the card!
Pure Mentalism!

Thanks to the diabolical principle of this trick, you can do it again right away.
Reset is immediate. Ideal for table to table work

Video instructions in English by Internet link.


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