Do you believe in ghosts? I will after seeing this trick...

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Joao Miranda

Do you believe in ghosts? I will after seeing this trick...

Coming from the creative spirit of João Miranda, here is the Haunted Box, a very clever illusion with a scenario that is guaranteed to amaze your audience.

The magician shows a simple wooden box (like a jewellery box), bought several years ago in an antique shop.
The magician explains that when he went home and opened the box, he noticed a faded image of Harry Houdini, "The King of Cards".
This picture was not in the box when he bought it.
The magician noticed that the box made strange noises at night from time to time, a "clattering" sound, as if Harry Houdini's spirit was haunting him.

The magician then demonstrates these strange events under the strictest conditions:
He opens the lid and pulls out a deck of cards and a felt pen. A spectator chooses any card from the deck and signs it on the face.
The card is then placed anywhere in the deck. The choice is 100% free. The spectator then shuffles the cards and is asked to put them, one by one, into the box.

the lid of the box closes in a snap, as if to tell the spectator to stop.
The magician asks the spectator to hand him the card he is holding in his hand... it's the signed card!

Haunted Box comes with everything you need to start performing this miracle as soon as you buy it.
This very special box allows you to concentrate on your presentation because it is 100% autonomous.

The Haunted Box is perfect for close-up, but also for the stage!
The Haunted Box is a perfect final trick.

Keep in mind that:
- The game can be mixed by the spectator himself.
- There's no forcing!
- No remote control.
- The magician can be outside the room while the cards are being dealt in the box!
- The box can be used to store any set of playing cards and a felt pen.
- The trick is 100% autonomous and works automatically.
- No comrade.
- No wire.
- Nothing that the magician (or anyone else) has to trigger.
- A total of five amazing and original routines are explained.

Add Haunted Box to your repertoire and be ready to amaze your audience with this powerful and scary magic effect.

Comes with a red Bicycle card gimmick and one in blue.

What they think:

"The greatest secret of this box is that it will give you endless hours of amazement."
Dani DaOrtiz

"For me, João is a genius. The ghost hiding in that box is part of his brain... so brilliant!
Mickael Chatelain

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