The Triumph effect brought to its climax!

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Dominique Duvivier

Cartes imprimées en Bicycle par U.S. Playing Cards Company.

Mix the neurons of your spectators! A card game that obeys to the finger and the eye.
In your opinion, is it possible? Yes, it is. With this trick by Dominique Duvivier, your game will behave exactly as you want it to, but with one detail. Without ever touching!
You take a game out of its case. You spread it out, face up, face down. Nothing abnormal. Everything is clear. You then put the game away from you and mimic mixing it. Better still, always by simple mime, you shuffle the cards face up and face down. Very clearly, you pick up your deck of cards, spread it out and, to everyone's dismay, your cards are shuffled in all directions. Your deck has obeyed you, as if by magic.
You put the cards away from you and mimic putting all the cards back in order. You resume your play and, proud to have such a well-trained deck, you show that all the cards have now come back in the right direction! And without any manipulation, the most clearly in the world!
But your audience is not at the end of its surprises. Your game is so obedient, that by making a simple magic pass, all the cards are instantly transformed into a Queen of Hearts. Yes, the game, which did have different cards, has changed with the snap of a finger!
You then reserve one last surprise for your audience, one last incomprehensible mystery. Which mystery? To find out, get your hands on this "Shuffle & Shuffle" game!l ".

Strong Points :
- Designed by the fertile spirit of Dominique Duvivier.
- Fully automatic, no handling required.
- Redoable immediately.
- No change of game. No short cards or even glued.
- Video link with detailed explanations

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