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Amaze your audience during your virtual shows.

Turn your video calls into an unforgettable magical experience !!

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Adrian Lacroix

A mix in all directions that happens first in your hands and then, even more impossible, in the hands of your spectators! 

Works even by video!

Imagine that you are in the middle of a video call...

1- You have a deck of cards and tell your friends to take one too.

2- You shuffle the cards face up/face down to create an impossible mess, and you ask them to do the same. With a simple snap of the fingers, the Magician shows that his cards are now all face down, except for the four Aces that are face up!

3- And the most incredible thing is that miles across the screen, the same miracle happens in their hands!

The trick is not limited to the square of Aces. The spectator can choose four cards himself, and these are the only four cards that will be face up at the end!

Easy to do. Adrian Lacroix will explain all the details (online instructions in English), tricks and variations to perform it like a pro.

Gimmicks are included in your purchase; but you are also provided with a gimmick-free version, as well as instructions on how to make your own gimmicks with items you already have at home. 

With Virtual Triumph, you will amaze your audience during your virtual shows.

Turn your video calls into an unforgettable magical experience !!

The perfect illusion to realize on Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Live Facebook, etc...

What they think about it :

"Lacroix masks his method by a super-smart misdirection. It is the perfect magical thought."

Penn & Teller

"Virtual Triumph is one of the coolest card tricks I've ever seen. In fact, I "got it wrong" the first time I did it! I will definitely add it to my next interactive online magic show!"

Cody S. Fisher


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