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"The simplest things are often the most complex to set up, MAGIC MONEY, although very simple, will be a real mystery to your audience".


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Mickael Chatelain

"The simplest things are often the most complex to set up, MAGIC MONEY, although very simple, will be a real mystery to your audience".

Mickael is well known for regularly offering us innovative visual effects. Once again, he offers us today something incredible!

Incredible, because you will always have it on you! In your wallet, ready for a demonstration!

Incredible, because you will receive no less than 10 explained effects!

Unbelievable, because effects with money, bank bills in this case, always have a huge impact on the spectators!

And finally, incredible, because we are sure that you will find other ideas, other effects with this gimmick!

What is it all about?

Imagine a very simple gimmick, with an even simpler use, add to that all visual effects, you get MAGIC MONEY!

Appearances, transformations, permutations, disappearances, changes, etc...

Everything becomes possible with MAGIC MONEY and so easy!

You can even chain different effects together to create a routine of several minutes in your close-up.

One thing is certain, MAGIC MONEY is not finished surprising you!

Here are the effects that you too will present after only a few minutes of use...


Show two bills: 20 € and 10 €. Place the two bills in your hand.

If you remove the 20 € bill, you still have? The €10 bill normally.

Open your hand, it's empty!

Then produce the €10 bill wherever you want.


A great classic in a new version really bluffing!

The €20 bill pierces the €10 bill on sight!

Of course, at the end, the €10 bill is perfectly INTACTIVE! A real mystery!


In the right hand, the €20 banknote, in the left hand, the €10 banknote... are you sure? 

An ultra ultra fast MISDIRECTION effect! Your spectators will LOVE it and will want to see it again for sure to make sure they didn't dream!

4 - SNAP :

Show a 20 € ticket front and back to your spectators. Fold it in four in front of them and hold it with your fingertips between thumb and index finger.

In a fraction of a second, the banknote will change into a 10 € bill...

A flash transformation just a few centimeters from the eyes of your spectators!

5 - AGAIN :

A 10 € bill and a 20 € bill are placed in your hand. Visibly remove the 10 € bill. Normally, you still have the 20 € banknote in your hand ...

Open your hand and show that the €10 bill has come back again since you have €10 and €20 in your hand!

Now remove the €20 bill. Normally, you still have? 10 € ?

LOSED! Open your hand and show that you do not have the €10 bill in your hand, but the €20 bill in your hand!

Close your fingers again on the €20 bill... 20 € ? Are you sure?

Open your hand and show that it is the €10 bill!

Totally crazy! You're going to make your spectators sick!


Always with your two tickets: 10 € and 20 €.

Place the €20 bill in one hand and the €10 bill on the table .

Slowly pass your hand over the €10 bill on the table so that it immediately changes into a €20 bill!

Open your hand proving that the bills have travelled well!


The famous deal bill effect with 2 banknotes!

Show them well to your spectators... a 10 € bill and a 20 € bill.

Place a bill in each of your hands and invite your spectator to find the €20 bill to win it. Of course, you can present it as many times as you want, he will never win!

An incredible effect on children; believe us, parents and children will go crazy with this impossible DEAL!

8 - BIM :

Show off your 2 tickets and your empty hands!

Close your hand and turn it palm down.

With the other hand, show two bills, a €10 bill and a €20 bill ...

WARNING: A spectator will name you a ticket (for example, 10 €).

Hit the back of your hand with both bills. At sight, the 10 € bill disappears! Open your hand, it is there! 

BIM! A passage through your dazzling hand...

9 - BIM 2 :

If you can make a banknote pass through your hand as in the BIM effect, you can also make the banknote go up on the back of your hand...

2 banknotes and your empty hands. Place the bills in your closed fist. Turn your hand over, palm down. Rub the back of your hand... suddenly one of the two bills appears! Open your hand to retrieve the second bill!

By combining BIM and BIM2, you will make your audience completely BAM!!!


A paper or a 10 € bill turns into a 20 € bill!

A clean and super fast transformation that your spectators won't forget!

Fold slowly a paper or a 10 € bill for example...

The spectators look, look... but it's already too late!

In front of their eyes, the paper or 10 € banknote has been transformed into a real 20 € banknote that you show of course on both sides!

The strong points :

- No manipulation.

- The gimmick takes care of everything!

- Immediate reset.

- Always on you to bluff your entourage!

- Imagine other effects, other routines!

- Unbreakable!


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