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3 laps for the price of one !!!

With this accessory, we offer you to present THREE different towers.

You can follow your desire to choose the one that corresponds most to a given benefit, but you can also chain up!

1- The Rope Through the Ring

You use one of your Chinese rings for this purpose. (not provided).

You engage the ring in the rope, and you lock it in... making a double knot on the rope. The rope and the ring are obviously linked to each other. And yet, you separate without a blow, rope and Ring!

2- The Rope Through the Ring

The same effect as the previous trick, but this time with a ring!

So no suspicion about the honesty of the ring. since you borrowed this ring from a member of your own family. audience!

3- The Rope Across the Neck

A piece of rope goes through your neck.

This effect is striking, surprising, and always pleases the public!

Easy to do.

For each of these effects, it is the special rope that does the trick for you!


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