The famous "Chinese Rings" trick... with ropes!


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The "Chinese Ring" trick is one of the great classics of magic. It requires hours of training, but the impact on the audience is guaranteed.

We offer you to perform this extraordinary effect with strings.
Advantage? It presents no major technical difficulties, and the effect is just as striking.
Judge for yourself:

Show, one by one, four ropes attached in the form of rings. Suddenly, two of the rope rings became entangled without anyone being able to see how. The two remaining rings, which you also show one by one, lock into each other. Suddenly, you have a chain of four rope rings that are locked into each other!

If you wish, you can now magically separate these rings to count them again separately one by one. You can now untie each of the rings and present them as four simple pieces of rope.

Easy to doThe special equipment allows you to do the trick without difficulty!


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