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The ideal transformation. without any effort!

What could be more harmless than a few sheets of paper?
Yet, with this simple material, you can perform a few small miracles.

For example, you can enclose a 1-euro coin in several pieces of paper to isolate it well, and transform it into a 10-euro banknote.

You can "replay live" the opening scene of the cult movie "The Scam" where a Mafia mobster gets ripped off by Robert Redford: You show one or more banknotes, you lock them in the papers (in the movie, in a handkerchief that he slips under his belt in his pants!), and when the mobster opens the package (you open the papers again.), there are only pieces of paper instead of the banknotes!
The sequel to this sublime film is worth the detour (don't miss the card cheating demonstrations that made history ! ! But back to our sheep).

In fact, you will be able to make any flat object appear, disappear or transform any flat object that you can enclose in the papers.

No manipulation. The trick can be done by beginners, even juniors !


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