Dominique Duvivier's new sensation EN JERRY'S NUGGET. The "foolish" Penn & Teller trick in their famous TV show "Fool Us".

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Dominique Duvivier's new sensation EN JERRY'S NUGGETS ! !

Supplied with 2 decks of Jerry's Nugget Modern Feel cards.
(new manufacture in Bicycle quality printed by The US Playing Card Company)

Seen on TV !
Bluffed Penn & Teller in their famous TV show "Fool Us".
(2nd video below)

Incredible possibilities:
Imagine: The game is mixed in all directions by the magician AND the spectator.
Then all the cards come back in the same direction, except a few... which will give you incredible revelations:
- You will be able to predict cards,
- or find the four aces,
- and find the cards FREE!

The following are provided:
- 2 decks of Jerry's Nugget (Modern Feel) cards,
- A cloth bag,
- The instructions, with several applications,
- Including a method by Christian Engblom,
- Tips and Bonuses.

- A revolutionary concept,
- A jealously guarded secret for over 40 years.
- Very easy to do.

What they think about it :

For the record, Dominique took me round to the Double Fond years ago.
When I saw Alexandra going around, it all came back to me at once...
So, by the way, Bravo the Lady, because holding the conversation, with a firm hand, while remaining crunchy, in front of the Penentélés cherished, is not at all a foregone conclusion...
At the time, with Dominique, I hadn't really understood the trick; I had doubts and glimmers, but a lot of uncertain areas?
When it came out, Dominique offered me the game (it was my birthday a few days ago !!!)... and really, I fell a little bit on my knees, right away...

First of all, the cards are really great. But the real trick, the real D.D. idea, is the use of the other deck... so simple in fact, but you had to think about it!
And yes, it opens a lot of doors to a lot of other routines, where the spectator can shuffle everything in all directions (or not), but where he can't make anything go wrong by a bad manipulation...

So bag or no bag?

My hero Winston Freer used to say that visual magic is the most obvious, but that there is often more mystery in the hidden... It's also evident in Master Hitchcock, who hides a lot of things instead of showing them.
So how do we justify the bag?
And why do you have to fiddle around...
And why do we have to do it blind...
And why create this Chaos?
It is these questions that can sculpt an interesting presentation where the bag will be justified, and interesting, if the blanks of the questions are filled in .
Dominique doesn't need it, he has his "Touch" (and his successful prediction time made beforehand, which borders on surrealism) and his humour .
Me too, but differently.

Then I'll tell a story like this:
"In fact, few people know this, but cards are more than just a deck of cards. For some, probably fools, they represent the world...
I knew one who could practice for hours, every day, after shuffling the cards in all directions, so that just by touching them, he could recognize the faces of the backs... and put the game back in order.
Try... take cards... shuffle them around, put the deck in front of you and one by one, turn them over when it's time to put them all face up... it takes time, doesn't it?
But the guy I knew, he was told that when you lose one of your senses, you develop the others... so he practiced for years in the dark, honing his sense of touch... and he spent his days doing that... sitting in his suit, in his darkroom, trying to find his sense of maps...
Here, reshuffle the cards in all directions, finally your little deck; and then close your eyes... and try to go back to the feeling, the cards all in the same direction...
(He tries... he fails of course!)
Yeah, the guy was crazy, but he wanted to teach me... I tried... I'm a little bit...

He also said that a game, if you add up the points of the cards, there's 365... and a joker for leap years...
That there were 52 weeks in the year, and 52 cards.
That there were 13 lunar months and 13 cards per family.
That there were 12 cards with figures, and 12 months in the year.
And four families, and four seasons,
And two colors... red and black, like day and night...
And that the world has become a merry mess... a strange chaos, people lost in all directions, wandering, back to back, without unison, without union...
He also had a little piece of paper that he gave me... asking me not to open it until later... when "The Time has come"....

So we're going to make chaos...
And one or more spectators get involved...
And it's all over the place...
We're going to put a blindfold on... but no, you'll think I can see through it! It's my hands that mustn't see!
So you put your hands in the bag, and you finish the trick.

In the end, you almost managed to pull all the cards out of the chaos...
That's not bad. Right, huh? But not perfect yet.

Maybe it's time to see what he left me, on paper... And it reads:
"In the present state of chaos, there will be two spades, and two hearts, and two clubs, and no one on the tile, and we'll be exactly there. »
And then we take out the cards that are not in the right direction, and there are two spades, and two hearts, and two clubs, and no diamonds... and the cards will form the exact date of the day: 22/11/18... No more, no less! »

Just one word before the end...
The story of the blind cheat is quite true, and I knew him... his name was José Luis Moreno, and he made perfect faros, without any overlap, having practiced for months and years in the dark... he knew, by ear, if the mix was perfect, or not! He did many other wonders... but that's another story!

I swear to you, ladies and gentlemen, there is a wonderful subject in this CIB, and what do your ideas...
Alex and Dominique have given us a great gift... let's take advantage of it, and let's blow them our miracles...
Gaëtan Bloom

"The phenomenal Dominique Duvivier showed me the C.I.B. for the first time in 2002 in Madrid. I was more than bluffed! The truth is that the impossibility of this miracle haunted me for years. I had no idea what the secret was. It was MAGICAL. And it is MAGICAL! »
Christian Engblom

"The fantastic C.I.B. tour is a new diabolical "classic" from the mind of Dominique Duvivier. The routine is complete. It is practical, everything is included. It's easy to do and will bluff everyone... including Penn & Teller. Perhaps the best part of the trick is its unusual plot, which has its place in any show. You'll be using this masterpiece for years to come. »
Bob Kohler

"It is extremely rare for a new effect to be created and it is equally rare for a new method to appear. The C.I.B. trick combines that. It's not only a fantastic and ingenious new effect, but also an incredibly clever and original method. This miracle is one of the great things that has happened in the last twenty years. »
Bill Kalush

"Duvivier has put in your hands not only a fantastic "Triumph" effect, but also a powerful weapon that will surely strengthen many of your existing routines. »
Dani DaOrtiz

As for CIB, it's a Russian doll : the more you take it out, the crazier you get !
- First of all, we're dealing with quality packaging in the original format...
- Then we end up with a complete kit
- Then we find out that the system is evil
- Then we understand the universality of the kit
- Then you realize that it's really easy to handle...
Bravo for this jewel and thank you for making it available to amateurs or pros who will be able to shine in front of amazed spectators.

The concept of Triumph pushed to perfection! I'm bluffed, it's just an atomic bomb! It's so beautiful, it's on my ass. Respect D. Dominique for this find, really !

You'll have to explain to me how every time the Duvivier's have an effect, I always fall under the spell ... what's in it ? Some kind of underground super drug, too? :P I can't wait to get the effect, while waiting for one of the next Made In May.Mag.Mod jewels (the Duvivier Portefeuille ? I don't know what you're talking about, I mean ...)
Florian Chapron

Want to say all the good I think of CIB. Intelligent and terribly efficient in its scriptwriting. Well done, well done, well done.
Gerard Bakner

So that's... that's mean ! ! Pure murder. The concept of Triumph pushed to perfection. Superb ! Thank you for sharing and respect Dominique for the 40-year-old find but with a timeless impact. I love it ! Magical friendships.
Anthony Soudier


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