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A really impressive and easy to perform stage trick!

Three scarves placed one by one in a newspaper cone are tied in the blink of an eye!

You present an unfolded sheet of newspaper. After showing it on both sides, you roll the sheet to form a paper cone.

You then put a first scarf inside. Then you tear the bottom of the cone so that you can let one end of the scarf out.

You then place a second scarf very distinctly. However, you only have to gently pull the first scarf out from the bottom of the cone to show that it has instantly tied with the second one!

You then insert a third scarf into the cone and in no time at all you can show that it has tied itself after the other two.

The three knotted scarves are clearly shown; you can then completely open the newspaper, which now has a hole in the centre, and show it again on both sides!

Surprise of the public guaranteed!


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