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Have you noticed how much bad news is in the papers? And when it's not bad news, it's advertising, or worse, stock prices. So it's no wonder you go before your audience and show the remnants of a newspaper you tore up out of spite.

One by one, you take the pieces of the newspaper out of your pockets. You can give them to your audience to examine, show them pieces of advertising or read them some news. Sometimes you come across some interesting articles, and in this newspaper, you explain, there was an incredible article about the power of magicians.

You try to find the article, you take all the pieces of the newspaper, turn them over, turn them over. You can't do that. There's no way you're gonna find that article. You're very annoyed.

Look out, miracle! Without any ambiguous gesture, without any rush, you will reconstitute the entire newspaper, on sight, in a split second! Yes, the newspaper is now perfectly reconstructed, you turn the pages normally and you slowly slip away, totally concentrated on reading your fascinating article!

- Extremely visual, this trick lends itself to very comical scenarios.
- Fully automatic.
- The lathe is delivered ready for use.
- The tour comes with a web link that will allow you to download the explanation in English.

Original, exclusive, simple method that will bluff all magicians!

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