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A questor for a completely harmless look!


Ruben Vilagrand

A questor for a completely harmless look!

Imagine that you exchange the viewer's cell phone without him realizing it, and at the same time, your audience doesn't stop laughing!

You can now :

- take the watch from whoever you want without any effort,

- make your "Invisible Game" appear in a fun way.

- etc...

The possibilities are endless. 

The mix of magic and comedy is very powerful.

"Ripped" is much more than just a bag.

It is a new tool that will allow you to exchange items, make disappearances and appearances in a natural, simple and unsuspected way. 

What's more, "Ripped" is a hilarious gag that does all the work for you. 

Forget about overused and outdated traditional collectors, use "Ripped".

Highlights :

- Each set is handmade.

- High quality material perfectly imitating paper.

- Extremely durable.

- Very easy to prepare.

- Automatic.

- 100% accurate.

- No bad angles.

- No electronics.

It will soon become one of your favorite tools!

Online video instructions in English.


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