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Promotion for the purchase of Steve Beam's two lecture notes (Volumes 1 and 2)

Lecture notes produced for the exclusive visit of Steve Beam in Paris on November 10 and 11, 2002

Vol. 1 Year Eiffel of Magic
The Aces of Turnaround The game is turned over several times and the 4 Aces appear magically.
Compression The 4 aces become 2 twos, then these 2 twos become a 4.
Colour vision An absolutely brilliant use of the Gilbreath principle!
The greatest magician in the world Probably the top automatic lathe in the world.
X - Change
A double card switch, so impressive you could swear that there are fake cards
The Ripper or Fan Ripper."
The revelation of one or more cards in a very visual way
Gloviczki with one hand
Production of a one-handed card
Combination: Ripper and Gloviczki

Vol. 2 Magic à la carte
Disappearance of pen
You lend your pen to the spectator, the pen disappears into these hands
The pen that flips over
A comedy routine with a pen that keeps turning over...
The Pen Jerk
Another pen routine, but this time the viewer won't be able to don't recapped the pen, but you do!
The priest's production
Production of a card with hands together.
Mr Beam's choice
A production of four cards for expert, it's very nice but not watch your fingers!
The change scanner
A principle of exchange with the card case.
Triumph in a box
The change Scanner used for an effect triumphs.

Color scanner
Another use of the change scanner but with the red cards and black of your game.
A transposition of 4 Kings and 4 Aces very fast and very visual.

Steve Beam proves that with a minimum of technique one can do tricks that make an impression on the audience.
Everything is described very clearly, translated into French by Sébastien. Clergue

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