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The show was performed for several months in public at the Double Fond.
Bonus: Conversations with spectators.

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Dominique Duvivier

We propose you a box of 3 DVD :

DVD 1 :
The show was performed for several months in public at the Double Fond.
Bonus: Conversations with spectators.

DVD 2 & 3 :
Explanations, bonuses.

That's about 6 hours of Magic at the highest level!

Let's leave it to the specialists :

We recognize the masterpieces by the meticulousness brought to the details: at Duvivier, we remain speechless in front of the construction of the numbers which is based on a diabolical choreography naturally linking the times ahead of the public. A great lesson.

David Stone

Very few magicians can be called "geniuses". Dominique is one of them. But he is also and above all an artist with a big "A".
Boris Wild

Like a rocket, Dominique has long developed his own spirit of magic... Some of his favorite shows are called "INTIMIST". All of them are at the cutting edge of Art and a great source of inspiration... This is simply true magic.

Gaëtan Bloom

One of the most creative thinkers and artists in magic.
Paul Gertner

Imagine a man whose purpose in life is to allow others to lose their understanding of the world for a few moments; that man is Dominique Duvivier.
Michael Weber

While Dominique's style may be different from yours, it is the lessons that this close up show delivers that make this DVD invaluable to the close up magician. It is a true revelation that allows us to understand how such a close up show is structured and performed, even if you've never done this type of show before.

Numbers that have been described similarly (but not as thoroughly) in their structure, detail and preparation are the FISM numbers of John Cornelius and Paul Gertner.

Sometimes some routines are linked to others that have been performed earlier, thus welding the show together as a whole. It also shows how Dominique has designed the show so that the different tours are linked together.

His approach to "families of magic effects" gives him a strategy for creating a rich and textured show.

5 stars out of 5 because it shows how to organize a complete close up show, how to organize his equipment coherently and secretly throughout the show, thanks to his briefcase that allows him to carry out his loads, and how to use so many creative ideas. .
J. C. Somme

What they think:

Yes me in the few towers that I own my favorites are the print shop
the set of signatures
and storm under a skull
Then I have the Duvivier wallet which are great.
the three dvd boxes I have (intimate 1 and 2 and melting pot) are really an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
I always take great pleasure in watching them again and again.
Even if I love gimmicks I find that Duvivier's effects allow me to do beautiful things without really feeling like a gimmick in my hands.
I don't consider Duvivier products as a gimmick.


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