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Finally a magic wand!

Often, the magic wand is there as a diversion and doesn't really have any mysterious powers.

With the Ascension Wand, you'll finally have the opportunity to show the public the true powers of your wand! And what powers!

With the help of this accessory, you'll be able to magically produce a scarf! Flash, instantaneous, in a word: magic!

Your wand will slip out of your hands as it spins through the air in an incomprehensible way, as if it were living its own life or that you can no longer control its powers.

In all, FOUR different effects will be offered with the accessory, but nothing prevents you from creating your own!

There's no doubt that this magic wand will stimulate your creativity!

Strong points :
- Simple to use and flash effects.
- Gimmick with high potential.


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