"Impossible" is what your audience will say. 

"Unbelievable" is what YOU will say.

CLOSING Card tricks

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Mickael Chatelain

"Impossible" is what your audience will say after seeing this effect.

"Unbelievable" is what you will say when you know the secret.


Take out of your jacket pocket a deck of cards, a marker and some stickers.

Invite a spectator to sign a sticker with the marker.

Now take the cards out of their cases and show them both sides.

This is a classic game where all the cards are very different.

So far, so clean!

Invite your spectator to freely choose a card in the game, he can change it if he doesn't like it; in other words, there is no forcing of any kind!

As on the sticker, the spectator signs his card with the marker.

The card, once signed, is lost in the game.

Nobody knows where it is! Not even you!

Without any manipulation, the whole game is immediately put back in its case and it is closed!

Invite the spectator to take his signed sticker and to condemn himself the opening of the case.

Everything is clean and no manipulation is possible, be precise!

Give the case to the spectator and ask him to shake it... is the game inside ?

Also ask the spectator if the sticker seals well the opening of the case ?

The spectator does it and checks it, everything is perfectly clean !

Pick up the sealed case with your fingertips and simply slip it into a pocket of your jacket...

Ask your spectator how much time he gives you to remove the sticker, take out the deck, look for the right card, take it out, put the deck back in the case, close it and seal it again with your sticker?

All this seems long and almost impossible to do in less than a minute, doesn't it? Especially since the game is in your jacket pocket, be precise!

Show your empty hand...

Slowly bring it closer to your pocket...

Ask your spectator to start timing and immediately plunge your hand into your jacket pocket.

Your hand barely goes in and immediately comes out, holding a single card between thumb and index finger! Believe us, you have to see it to believe it!

The spectator hasn't even had time to start counting that your hand has already come out!

Ask for the name of the chosen card... and return the card you are holding at the same time...

IMPOSSIBLE, it is indeed his card!

His signature proves it! How could you find the spectator's card in less than a second?

But that's not all...

Then take the case out of your pocket and give it back to the spectator !

It's UNBELIEVABLE, the case is still sealed and the signed sticker prevents the opening of the case ! Invite the spectator to shake it, the game is still inside !

Then tear off the sticker and take out the cards... one card is missing, the spectator's card !

How, in less than a second, did you manage such a miracle?

An unfathomable mystery! Completely IMPOSSIBLE!

Your spectator is not about to forget this effect and I can guarantee you that you won't either, so incredible is the method! 

The game is given to be verified, it is a classic game... it is your game!

Remember all the details below:

- There is no forcing !

- The card is signed by the spectator himself ! No change or other !

- No manipulation ! It seems impossible and yet, the trick really works AUTOMATICALLY!

- The case is really sealed by a sticker signed by the spectator, everything is clean!

- Your hand goes into your pocket and comes out immediately with the spectator's card! It's crazy, but true!

- The reset is immediate! No preparation!

- The trick, because there is a trick, is diabolical! The method will drive you crazy!

- The gimmick is beautiful! Completely invisible!

- Use your deck of cards! This one is ordinary!


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