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The essential method to learn the technical basics of magic in all disciplines! !!

This book by Robert Veno is divided into 12 chapters. Each of these chapters explains the fundamentals of a particular field of magic. The 12 domains visited are :

Cards - Paper/Banknotes - Coins - Scarves - Balls - Eggs/Cork/Chopsticks - Cigarettes - Liquids - Thimbles/Playing Thimbles - Strings - Miscellaneous Tricks - Mentalism

368 pages in all, with many drawing plates.
Generally speaking, each of these chapters is divided into 2 parts:
1- Basic techniques: The basic fundamentals of the discipline in question are explained. For example, the volume on the Magic of Pieces explains the different impalmages , the apparitions , the disappearances the changes , the forward and backward probing ...

2- The tricks: Here we explain the greatest classics of the discipline, which will allow you to apply the techniques you worked on in the first part.

This fundamental work is available for download on our website . You can get it in its entirety , but you can download only the specific chapters that interest you in particular!

Complete work:
40.00 euros
Each volume: 5.00 euros

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