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You're not going to believe your eyes !!!

The Wizard shows an empty box. He puts the lid back on, and when he opens the box again, it is now full of popcorn, candy, a small stuffed animal or even a cake, a small sandwich or a burger!
Anything as long as it fits inside the box!

And that's only part of the possibilities!
Now you can make whatever you want disappear!

Yes, this extraordinary device allows you if you wish to combine both types of effects!

But not only, since you can for example make an object "magically travel" (see the video "Candy Box - Teleportation" below), or even make a completely original hell of a cake, which could make the happiness of your spectators during your children's shows (see below: the video "Candy Box - Cake", as well as the Related Product "Lot Candy", which will allow you to buy a lot of 3 boxes at a special price).

Completely automatic, no handling required.

Exists in black, and three beautiful colors (red, blue, yellow).
Thank you to inquire in advance about the availability of colors, in order to specify your preferences when ordering.

Dimensions: 12,5 x 12,5 x 9 cm

If you know this kind of material, this "Candy Box" is in fact a mini "Casserole aux Colombes", but with the following particularities :
- The box is the size of a hand
- You can start with a closed box, which is not the case in the classic "Casseroles aux Colombes".
- You can make objects appear or disappear according to your will.
- Exists in several colours.

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