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Cage d'Argent

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A large aluminium cage is placed on a large table. A young woman comes on stage, opens the door of the cage and enters it with the help of a small stepladder, then lies down on the bottom. The magician closes the door, while an assistant arrives with a large veil that they both unfold and lay on top of the cage. The veil falls back on each side and completely masks the cage and the subject lying inside. From the hanger comes a cable down which four chains, each with a carabiner hook, hang. The chains are fixed through the veil, which is pierced with a hole at each corner. At the signal given by the magician, the cage concealed by the veil rises into space, the table top is empty and the table is pushed to the side or to the back of the stage by the server. With a pistol shot, the veil falls to the ground, the cage and the subject have disappeared.

Fiche technique

Langue Explication
Plans Grandes Illusions

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