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A cubic booth placed on a shaped plate is in the middle of the stage when the curtain rises. This cabin is surmounted by a small pyramidal roof and all its sides are made of stretched frames of semi-transparent white canvas, except for the front side acting as a door, for which the canvas has been replaced by white paper. The magician walks an electric lamp (wallwasher type) all around the cabin and the spectators can see the light from this lamp through the transparent panels. The door is opened and the lamp is walked inside the cabin which is absolutely empty. The magician then slides the lit lamp into the booth through an opening in the top of the roof and, with the booth on a platform with casters on its feet, rotates it in all directions and returns it to its original position facing the audience. At this point, the front panel is cut out in Chinese shadows with the name of the magician or an inscription of some kind. This inscription grows and grows, then diminishes and finally disappears completely. Then hands and arms appear and then... ...suddenly the paper covering the door breaks open to let a beautiful young girl through.

Fiche technique

Langue Explication
Plans Grandes Illusions

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