THE revolutionary all-in-one portfolio: Himber, Kaps and Bendix Bombshell "modified". Achieve virtually ALL wallet effects imaginable!

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Dominique Duvivier

After fifteen years of waiting back online THE revolutionary all-in-one portfolio

- Himber wallet: for your favorite routines with an exchangeable wallet
- Kaps Portfolio : The signed card disappears from the game then reappears in the inside pocket of your wallet, closed by a zip!
- Modified" Bendix Bombshell: The signed card disappears from the wallet then reappears in the "zipped" inside pocket of the wallet!

You will be able to achieve virtually ALL wallet effects imaginable!

Playing cards, money routines, mentalism, credit cards...


- Spectacular effects
- Easy to do
- Exceptional genuine leather construction
- Several routines explained
- Tips and bonuses
- Instructions on web link

What they think:
"Imagine, a wallet that is absolutely universal, yet looks completely ordinary."
Jean-Jacques Sanvert

"Allows each one to have very interesting and unique effects... very well done and looks like a real wallet... It's quality on every level.".
Kevin James

Hello, hello, rich kids, needing a wallet...
The famous wallet has been missing for some time now, and requests have been multiplying in the shop and on the net...
Dominique weighed up the pros and cons, having estimates drawn up... and as Tabary, who has gone through the same problems, says so well, costs, materials and labour have changed considerably in a few years.
After the release of the first version, some buyers found the possibilities offered by the two portfolios together great (the set at the time consisted of two portfolios: one rigged and one normal), and it's true that it gave Dominique wings... On the other hand, many other magicians found the second normal wallet almost useless; as a result, the overall price was doubled... For these reasons, Dominique finally opted for a single wallet. The skin is less refined, but still of high quality. All this has made the price much more affordable...
So there you go... It's done, and it's been a long time, and it's not like there's gonna be another show tomorrow...
Now, the good news is that web links are provided, including all the original routines made with both portfolios... Isn't life beautiful?
So me, if I was without a wallet, I would buy one already, and I would get into work... and I would try all the versions, from all sides, to find myself in it, like in a bed... in a wallet... yes... And then, if I really fall for one of the killer death routines with two wallets, then I'll buy another one that I'll have sewn or glued to make it normal...
Of course, you should never have it examined... but give it to the spectator and ask him to open it to remove the card or the prediction himself... It is this way of doing, without touching it, that puts all the "and you can examine" to one side!
To finish, yes, it is indeed a Duvivier Portefeuille... with Kaps (itself being in fact Balducci), Himber (whose basic principle goes back to the Middle Ages) and Bombshell (which already rebounds on Himber); but for those who have a model of the last mentioned, they will see that the principle and the manufacturing are modified.
Kisses to you.
Gaëtan Bloom


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Dominique Duvivier
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