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Mayette Magie Moderne presents :

Reverse Topit and Other Topit
The Master of the Topit

As you know, the Topit is a secret accessory that makes objects disappear.

Jean-Pierre Crispon explores the Classic Topit, then ventures into the Reverse Topit and the Closed Topit, two new regions with incredible potential.

In this DVD, Jean-Pierre Cripon gives you no less than fifteen techniques and eight routines with objects as varied as coins, cards, balls, ropes, spoon.
More than 4 hours of magic!

23 tricks and techniques explained
in detail
to perfect your learning of Card Magic!

To get the New Topit JP, the Topit built according to J.P. Crispon's plans, click on the Related Product below.

What they think:
the new JP Crispon topit is a revolutionary topit, with unlimited possibilities change, reverse topit ect ... the effects are killer believe me once we have used it we can't do without it, moreover its use is very easy !
Well with the new JP Crispon topit you can work with a closed jacket, no need to choose the angles, you are clean and much more confident, you can work at 365° without anyone doubting anything! you understand?
fabien baugenez

Dvd Mayette by JP Crispon, "Le Reverse Topit" is a compilation of tips and routines accumulated by JP Crispon over 15 years of Topit...
And we've got beauty!
We start with the traditional topit, relatively simple routines, then JPierre gradually adds the tricks he could find to simplify the throw, to bring naturalness in the gesture, and how to exploit the "flash" of the topit (because the gimmick allows (and this is rare in magic) to bring immediacy).
We then move on to the reverse topit, which allows to get rid of the object in the opposite hand (i.e. the one holding the object), there too superb routines, detailed comments, and this is the strong point of the DVD, it takes its time! The movements are shown several times, and JP answers questions from Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier. The exchange is interesting on several levels, Alexandra takes the place of... all of us... the magician who rubbed himself in it, tested it, then gave up, for fear of angles, lack of naturalness, open jacket, etc. As a result, his questions speak to me!
The closed topit comes in:
how to topit with a jacket with buttons closed, how to topit without angles, and topit by picking up objects on a table.
This new approach allows you to rewrite your routines, to remove all the movements constrained by the angles (talking to the viewer from the left, from the right, etc.). This is probably the strongest point of the DVD, with JPierre's personal techniques.
In the end?
The topit is often approached at the beginning of the magician's training, then put aside, and only a few enthusiasts cling to it... The courses/DVDs are often very light and even the references (Ammar, Cloutier) remain in "overflight". I remember a conference on the topit, Ammar spent 10 minutes on the theme saying: 'The topit is simple! It's a question of the movement of the body's centre of gravity..." and... we quickly moved on to the maps. There's a lot more to say, which is exactly what JP Crispon does.
The routines are excellent (what a rewrite of the matrix!). And finally... finally... finally! His version of the pieces across the table...) the explanations are clear.
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