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Dominique Duvivier

"Imagine a man whose purpose in life is to allow others to lose their understanding of the world for a few moments; that man is Dominique Duvivier. My friend Dominique is like the spider, he spends his days weaving a powerful but invisible web of secrets and mysteries. To be caught in his web is a privilege -- he has watched you with his 1000 eyes, knowing what you are going to think, understanding your next move before you do. He is deceiving you with his eight arms, reaching out around you for the things you think you've known and believed in all your life, approaching you from all sides at the same time. And when he comes for the final kill, there is no need to struggle, you were already lost for a long time! It would be wise to be a little more cautious, intelligent, to be a little more afraid even, and it would be a good tone to be very grateful that he has chosen to share some of his mortal secrets with the rest of us".
Michael Weber

Another number that pushes the limits of the possible!

It is with great pleasure that you will meet one of the most creative and imaginative magicians in the world of modern magic. At the end of this number, you will come out with more than 14 tricks and techniques that have been revisited or are totally original.

Faithful to tradition, Dominique Duvivier, will accompany you with good humour through the meanders of his imagination. In his creative process, in his manufacture of miracles, in a word, in his magic from which no one really emerges intact. Combining cards and pieces, this volume 3 will notably offer you two sequences allowing you to introduce your performance with strong effects but also to be always ready for an impromptu mini performance. It may not seem like much, but what magician hasn't felt a little distraught when his entourage asks him to perform tricks when he hasn't prepared anything?

The routine of glass pieces, very simple in its realization will not leave you indifferent.
The techniques of eye cards never published will intrigue many.
The "classic" tricks revisited will succeed again and again in surprising you.
The "Aces of Pancrazi" routine will dazzle you.

From the great Duvivier for this new number.


- Powerful and destabilizing routines.
- A dynamic presentation.
- Routines requiring normal play or not.
- Very diversified and always high-impact effects!

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Dominique Duvivier
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