A great professional magician reveals the secrets of Coin Magic!

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Alexandra and Dominique Duvivier present :

The School of Magic : The Pieces

by Jean-Pierre Crispon

Learn magic without difficulty!

A great professional magician reveals the secrets of Coin Magic!

Easy tricks and techniques to quickly amaze your friends.

More complex secrets for the more experienced.

A complete method.

Clear and detailed explanations.

Presentation tips.

Pro tips.

15 Tricks:

- Les Pièces à la Poche - version 1

- Pocket Coins - version 2

- Gold-Argentine Journey

- The 6 Coins trick

- Materialization

- Coins and Scarf

- Bewitched

- Beginner's Matrix

- Advanced Matrix

- Technical Appendices

- Coins Across the Table

- Copper-Chinese Journey

- Sleeving Routine

- Multiple transformations

- Production of Scarf Coins

And more than 12 Techniques :

- Finger-palming

- Italian style palming

- Classical Palms

- Various False Deposits

- Han Ping Dog Change Utility

- Passing the shuttle

- Lapping

- Sheathing

- Classic Fake Deposit

- Disappearance Ross Bertram

- Disappearance at the Sanada JP

- Bonus : Multiple travel


- For Beginners: Learn the basics of Coin Magic.

- More sophisticated tricks for the more experienced...

- Detailed explanations: presentation tips and pro tricks!

- Multizone DVD.

- Duration: 2h21

What they think:

A perfect program for beginners, but not only!

"Jean-Pierre has so much teaching experience that he knows how to make techniques considered complex easy...

David Stone

"Awesome JP's DVD on coin magic: I've had it for a long time, and I'm enjoying the simplification he brings to this area.

Compliments to JP Crispon, with the coin magic which is a lot of fun to work with, as he has simplified everything. A very big thank you".

Dominique Teinturier


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