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This pen is the most innocuous looking pen you've ever seen. You can write with it. It looks completely normal. But it's a real bomb !!!

Yes, at any moment you are ready to perform one of the strongest tricks ever.

You borrow a banknote from a spectator, and under his dazed gaze, you pierce it with your pen, as if you were using a dagger. The bill is pierced through and through. The illusion is perfect. In the end, there is no trick: you have just made a hole in his banknote...

But now, miracle! While the spectator is holding his ticket, you take out the pen& and you can give it all to the exam! The ticket (which you return to its owner, of course) is completely intact! No holes! And then the pen: there's nothing to see!

A real miracle that can be done at any time.

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