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Tenyo 2017

1 + 1 = 2
Everybody knows that.
But did you know that 5 = 6 = 7?

The magician shows a jigsaw puzzle with 5 pieces that fit together perfectly.

He puts in an extra piece, a sixth, so...
Incredible, he reconstructs the puzzle, which keeps its original shape and surface, since it fits perfectly into its frame again!
In short, 5 = 6 ! ! !

But it doesn't stop there !
The Magician introduces a 7th piece... yes, you guessed it, the puzzle is still reconstituted and put back in its frame !
6 = 7 ! !!

Game, 7 and match !
Tenyo has won his bet again, allowing you to offer your audience this extraordinary trick, coming from the genius spirit of Winston Freer !

- Easy to do, within the reach of the very beginner.
- Everything is given in the exam.

The tour comes with a web link that will allow you to download the explanation in English.
This link, as well as the illustrations, can be found on the Japanese explanation that comes with the tour.


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