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Yigal Mesika

Here we offer you one of the most powerful magic accessories ever invented!
This gimmick is strong enough to move a fork, or a pair of glasses...

It will allow you without any risk to make animations of various objects (coins, cigarettes, banknotes, cards, etc...), as well as incredible levitations.

But much more, the "Loops" leave you a completely open field for the creation of your own magic effects!

You will be available at any time to perform your miracles, and you will be completely "clean" after each of your effects!
You will be able to do your tricks again and again, as many times as you want!

Comes with 8 "Loops", and detailed instructions in French with about fifteen illustrations to perform two amazing effects:
- A pair of glasses borrowed from your spectator moves mysteriously!
- A freely chosen card reveals itself!

"I never leave home without my Loops!"
Criss Angel


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