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The 3 "Magic Kits" for the Juniors together!

The Juniors are going to be at the party

With these three Magic Kits, our dear "blond heads" will be able to perform no less than 15 magic tricks !

The proposed tricks do not require any particular skill, the beginners will be able to enjoy mystifying their friends and relatives.

Of course, who can do the most can do the least, this set of 3 kits is also intended for the older ones, who will also be able to put sparks in the eyes of their audience!

Magic Kit 1 :
The Knee Crossing, A Tale of the Channel, Cash-Cache and One Way Return.

Magic Kit 2 :
The Scarf that Turns into a Ball, Appearance of a Ball, Appearance of a Scarf, Levitation of a Ball and Candies.

Magic Kit 3 :

Translucent, Ball Hunt, Travelling Ball, Interlaced Hands, Pen Appearance, Colored

The ideas can be perfectly adapted to a quality magic for children, always fond of surprises, colors and originality!

If you would like more details on each of these three Magic Kits, click on the corresponding Linked Product below.


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