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Alex Linian

The best pierced coin version ever!

When Puncture was created, it was already the most amazing version of Punctured Piece.
After experimenting with it thousands of times, Alex Linian has taken the trick technique to level 2.0 to our great joy!

A quarter that can be given for examination is held at your fingertips; the coin is very clearly pierced by a pen.
The part is completely visible, and you can see that the pen completely penetrates the part.

The visual effect is perfect! But now, with Puncture 2.0, you can repair the part instantly on sight, as soon as the pen is removed!

Pen and coin can be immediately handed in for examination.
The coin can be borrowed, and can also be signed by the spectator.

Puncture 2.0 includes different techniques for all levels.
The detailed instructions in English (provided by internet link) will allow you to easily learn the tour.

What they think:

"Wonderful pencil-punched coin! You must surely have already seen the demonstration and the video may look like a video trick...BUT EVERYTHING IS REALIZABLE !!! If you always make the cigarette through the card, forget about it !!! It's time to step it up a notch and do PUNCTURE 2.0."
Bernard Sim

"This is exactly what a pencil-through coin should look like. I warn you right away, the effect lasts 2 seconds, but it's so visually stunning that you'll want to do it to everyone you meet. David Blaine did this trick on a TV show a few years ago, and you can see why!
Joshua Jay


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