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One of the greatest classics of card magic!

The Magician explains that he is going to ask a spectator to think freely about one of the cards in a deck of 52.
But since he is a magician, he already knows which card will be chosen, and he has the proof: he shows a deck of cards in his case, and he explains that he has turned over a card face up in advance, which he has put in the middle of the other cards at the bottom. And this card is the one the spectator will think!

The spectator names the card he wants, the Magician takes the deck out of its case, and spreads the cards in his hands... only one card is face up, and it is the one that has been designated!

But at this moment, the Magician explains that to show that he did not cheat, and that the card was indeed intended in advance, he turns the card face down... the audience is amazed to see that this card, the one he thought freely, has a different color back than the other cards!

No forcing, the card is thought completely freely.
No comradeship.
The trick is completely automatic.


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